This is Freddie Wood!

The sophistication of genuine natural horn eyewear frame, combining unique charisma with modern unique design, this is the goal, which Freddie Wood has set for them.

Based on classic craftsmanship with modern methods with up to 80 separate operations, unique eyewear frames are produced; each of them is as unique as the person who is going to wear it.

For all our collections, we start our design and development in Germany, as well as worldwide productions in order to meet perfection in quality craftsmanship.

Each single Freddie Wood is a piece of Art from Nature!

The Material

In order to implement the aim of our brand – the combination of Nature & Aesthetics, we travel all over the world, particularly select the best buffalo horn. To make each of our respectful customers feeling relieved, we thoughtfully choose hypoallergenic and high-ended materials, such as titanium, 18K gold, platinum, silk, natural stones such as diamonds as well as advanced wood such as ebony wood for Freddie Wood horn frames production. To be sure that every owner feels natural and proud!